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Another Converge rip?
August 01, 2013 12:00PM
Take a look at this shirt that resembles the moon phase artwork of Converges' All We Love We Leave BehindUrban Outfitters

Re: Another Converge rip?
August 06, 2013 02:37AM
The awlwlb moon art was from another popular moon piece, right?

- Garrett
Re: Another Converge rip?
August 06, 2013 09:46AM
Not really no.

Our imagery was based on 1960s moon cycle photography, but is my cut and paste interpretation of the image, using the Converge "Symbol" fragments as the spherical form instead of the moon itself. I don't consider these new apparel designs popping up as "rips" per se. I am aware that our iconography has worked it's way into the visual vernacular of designers outside of the music world for sure. Many in-house designers for larger companies are very aware of this "underground" world and borrow from it freely for sure.

All I can do is take it as a compliment, and again make something meaningful (that they again borrow from when they are out of their own ideas).



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