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STARTING FROM ZERO LP compilation pre-order
June 27, 2013 07:01AM
We are taking pre-orders for the Starting From Zero LP compilation.

This record is almost for three years in the making. We have 24 bands with 34 songs on this compilation and as you can imagine it takes some time to get all the recordings together. Most songs are less than a minute long, while others are longer than a minute. Only a few songs are longer than 2 minutes. So this is a hardcore compilation through and through but mixed with all kind of different styles within the hardcore/ punk parameter.

Here is a not complete list of bands taking part on this record: Times Together, Crucial Section, Commitment Crew, Zero Progress, Reproach, Sex Drive, Snob Value, Seein' Red, Clocked Out, Burial, Night Prowler, Sniffing Glue, Citizens Patrol, Vitamnin X… to name a few of the pack! Cover shown is not the actual sleeve, we keep it as a little surprise. This compilation comes with a huge 12 page booklet with all lyrics printed and tons of live pictures. This record comes in black, red and white vinyl.

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