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June 02, 2013 10:42AM
INTEGRITY -Dark hardcore legends INTEGRITY have added the new exclusive "Total Destruction" tee to their Shirt Killer store. Designed by iconic INTEGRITY frontman Dwid Von Hellion, this design is available in a short sleeve version or long sleeve edition with sleeve prints. INTEGRITY is touring extensively in the US, UK and Europe from June to August, and is preparing for the June release of their newest album, Suicide Black Snake.

FROM ASHES RISE - New "Hell In The Darkness" shirt, available exclusively from Shirt Killer. Featuring original art from illustrator Senjayrezk, this intricately detailed design was inspired by the song of the same name from the FROM ASHES RISE album Nightmares.

RED HARE - New 3-color "Nites" tee, plus "Logo" on AA tri-blend tee. RED HARE features Swiz members Jason Farrell (also of Bluetip and Retisonic), Shawn Brown (also of Dag Nasty and Jesus Eater), Dave Eight (Swiz and Bluetip), and Joe Gorelick (of Garden Variety, Retisonic, and Bluetip). Also available the new LP & CD on Dischord.

COLISEUM - New "Lamb" tee, plus Sister Faith LP/CD, with LP on exclusive colored vinyl. COLISEUM is supporting BARONESS the first two weeks of June.

KEN MODE - "Crustface" design on a white tee, and "Goat" a foreboding three color print on a black tee. Touring the States with TORCHE in June.

NARROWS - "Loud Noises" shirt illustrated and designed by acclaimed artist Drew Millward.

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