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FS: Chokehold, Trial, Despair, Integrity, Ceremony & more.
April 14, 2013 11:02AM
I recently bought a large lot of cassettes from a friend of mine, but already owned a handful of them, so I decided to sell off the doubles. I also pulled out a few other random things that I don't need around here.

If interested, please send any offers to sitner.justin[at]gmail.com

A Death For Every Sin - Demo '99
All Out War - One Truth promo
this All Out War tape was sent out to people that booked shows and some labels just prior to its release on Gain Ground Records. The strange thing is that there are 4 tracks with lyrics in the layout, but then there are 3 more tracks from One Truth after them, although they are recorded at a lower volume.

Chokehold - More Than Ever demo 1992
Despair - Live & Killing in Europe 1997

Nineironspitfire - Demo [John Pettibone and Demian Johnston post-Undertow]
For The Love Of - Demo

Trial - Demo 1995
my friend's copy was missing the original insert, so I made a photocopy of mine.

Cruella - Vengeance Is Mine [www.youtube.com]
Glacier - Demo 1988 [www.youtube.com]
both bands are 80s power metal from Portland. These are actually just doubles that I've had sitting around and are dead stock from an old record store, so they remain unplayed from the time they came out.

Integrity - Septic Death 7" [mid 90s boot, clear /100]
shortly after Integrity released this 7" with Blood Book #3, someone decided to bootleg the record someone around late 1996, a couple years before Victory re-released it. Much like the original, there were 900 black copies, and 100 copies on clear. My friend had these in his distro back in the day, and I took home two, so this one has never been played.

Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You [olive green /1000, third press]
It isn't that nothing moves me, but this band still doesn't for some reason. There is a slight bend on the top right corner of the cover, but the record is in great shape.

some random CDs that I seem to have extra copies of:
Rosary - Demo 2002
The Helm - Demo 2005
Undertow - Control (x2)

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Re: FS: Chokehold, Trial, Despair, Integrity, Ceremony & more.
April 14, 2013 03:30PM
Chokehold, Nineironspitfire and The Helm have been sold.
Re: FS: Chokehold, Trial, Despair, Integrity, Ceremony & more.
April 15, 2013 09:27AM
All Out War has been sold.
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