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Highway Cross and Industrial Park pre-orders up now from Toxic Pop!
March 23, 2013 01:33PM
Hello people of esteemed muscial tastes, I hope you're well. We're excited to announce that the Highway Cross - Run Dry 7" and the Industrial Park - s/t 7" are both now available for pre-order. They will be shipping April 10th. All who pre-order the Highway Cross 7" will get a free copy of their self-released debut 7". Pressing info on the Highway Cross 7" is 300 on black and there are 300 on white for the Industrial Park 7". Grab one quickly before they're gone. >> [www.firestarterrecords.com]

Highway Cross are current and former members of Majority Rule, Cloak/Dagger, Shoutbus!, Triac, et al, coming together to worship at the altar of Rick Froburg while dusting their sound with an essence that could only come out of DC.

Industrial Park are a Portland duo playing gothic post-punk in the vein of bands like Sisters of Mercy, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive...

You can check out a track from each release on our Bandcamp page - [firestartertoxicpop.bandcamp.com] - and will be available from iTunes, Amazon, and other purveyors of mp3s by mid-April.

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