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The Mites (ex-Iron Age/FEED)
February 27, 2013 12:06PM
Hey ya'll. Got a new band for anyone interested. We have a 5-song cassette EP available for $5ppd (w/ free digi-download). You can jam us HERE. You can buy the cassette HERE.

"In spite of all the obvious reference points (My Bloody Valentine, Georgia Hubley, Yo La Tengo, Magnapop, The Muffs, Lush) the Mites e.p. really is its own thing - the murky (doesn't conceal; creates a mood) lo-fi production, the perfectly blended slab guitars, ROCK drumming with the occasional odd & interesting time signature(s) - all set the table for the songs, and ultimately for Ali's vocals, which are sweet, and fragile, and beautiful. Guitar pop has been given yet another unique (to my ears) vehicle. I can't wait to listen to it again, and again, and again... Did i mention that some of the little melodic guitar breaks are just damn near perfect? Well, they are. I look forward to hearing them every time. You know it's good when you're thinking: 'damn, i wish i coulda come up with that'... rewind... 'damn, that sounds good.' Much respect." -- RV3
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