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New Lewd Acts cassette preorders up now.
December 28, 2012 03:25PM
In order to get the tape out to you with the highest possible quality, we need to get it mastered. Since we spent all our pennies and bus tokens on recording and buying all the necessary components for the tape, we need to get some support from you nice folks in internet land. We have revived out once illustrious webstore and added two new shirt designs and preorders for the tape. Every purchase you make will help us get this out to you sounding kick ass, and as soon as we get it mastered and packaged, they will be sent out. We're doing this to avoid some whack-ass kickstarted shit if at all possible. Though we like money as much as the next guy, this seems to us like a far more fair and real way of approaching the situation. To whet your proverbial whistle, we have uploaded a track off the cassette to our newly created bandcamp. So, in ending, go grab some shit, check out the tune, and keep ruling/drooling (whichever you prefer).

-Lewd Acts

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