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bitter melody records 25% coupon/rarites old flings indecision most precious blood
November 22, 2012 08:15PM
Use coupon BLACKFRIDAY to get 25% off your order in the Bitter Melody store. This includes the rarities that I added to the store too. Here is the list of some of the rare stuff I added. I will be paying off some bills and putting money aside for 2013 releases so please help me out. There really cheap deals to be had with the coupon. Buy a bunch! There’s 5 pages of LPs and distro stock to look through.


Discourse 7" CLEAR VINYL

Mall'd to Death - Can't Make a Living TEST PRESS

fires & floods TEST PRESS

Most Precious Blood - Merciless TEST PRESS OOP

Most Precious Blood - Merciless CLEAR LP OOP

Discourse 7" TEST PRESS

Indecision - Unorthodox TEST PRESS

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