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BECOME demo tape out now!

This is TIB#14.

Listen: [soundcloud.com]

Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, BECOME reminds of the sound of past emotive hardcore bands such as Rites of Spring, Swiz and Sawhorse, played with the passion of modern bands in the vein of Modern Life Is War. Explosive and high energy hardcore as well done as you would expect considering the members involved. BECOME features current and ex-members of Manumission, Ochre, Lumber Lung, X-Wing, Worship, Bone Explosion, Desperate Hours, Masisin, No Man's Land, Eden in Flames, Sutrama, Embassy, Uphill Battle, Broken Needle, Blasting Concept, and Surprise Vacation.

Order demo tape or/and T-shirt here: [takeitbackrec.bigcartel.com]

We carry a couple more tapes, e.g:
BARREN demo tape (Family Business Records)
BEGGARS & GENTRY demo tape (TIB#03)
EL CAMINO CAR CRASH demo tape (TIB#11)
FORESEEN "Discography” tape (Collision Records)
NO WEATHER TALKS demo tape (Family Business Records)
STUPID BAD demo tape (Collision Records)



TAKE IT BACK contact: takeitbackrecords@gmail.com
BECOME contact: becomehc@gmail.com
We just got the second batch of BECOME demo tapes!

Another new song for your pleasure. This song is called “Drowning”.


PS: We have 4 BECOME T-shirts left!
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