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October 18, 2012 10:03PM
Just want to throw out there that the new DRUGLORD and FERAL KING records are available for orders.

DRUGLORD boost members of Ugly Law, Unseen Force, White Cross, playing doom inspired metal. For fans of Eyehategod, Saint Vitus, and Black Sabbath. Three versions to choose from. Lp come with a MP3's download card.


FERAL KING plays a heavy dose of Botch and Deadguy inspired hardcore. Featuring members of Spitfire, The Takeover, Fjord, End of the Universe, etc, take a listen of their song Wretch and see why kids are amped about them live. Ep come with a MP3's download card.


If you buy a DRUGLORD or FERAL KING record from us, we will throw in a free 7" of our choice.

Also available Heathens, Moutheater, Tough Luck, and more!!!

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