October 15, 2012 06:32AM
Short update on the STARTING FROM ZERO LP compilation: CRUCIAL SECTION, SNOB VALUE and SEX DRIVE will all record soon for the compilation. THE GASH, BECOME and SECTARIAN VIOLENCE have recorded their songs but all of them still need to mix their songs.

Echoes (NL), Salad Days (GER), Seein' Red (NL), Sniffing Glue (GER), Evolve (NOR), Right Idea (USA), Commitment Crew (SWE), Injustice System (USA), Dogends (USA), Refrain (AUS), Night Prowler (USA), Times Together (UK), Burial (GER), Zero Progess (USA), Reproach (BE), The Gash (GER), Vitamin X (NL), Sex Drive (NL), Eye-Gouge (AUS), Crucial Section (JP), Violent Reaction (UK), Appraise (Spain), Isolation (GER), Sectarian Violence (INT), Become (USA), Snob Value (GER).
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