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EP Review From Toxic Shock in Miama, FL:

“Rodent Lord's, "Anthropocene", is a bad ass contribution to our generation's punk scene. They have a crusty sound with street punk riffs. If Disrupt and A Global Threat fucked each other, Rodent Lord would be the product. Thus, bringing back a unique sound heard only in the 90s and early 2000s. Its nice to have that brought back to this era with their music. What I like most about Rodent Lord is that their music has substance. Its not just another band singing about getting wasted all the time. On my radio show, I play riot grrrl, queercore, and crust. I love playing them on air because they sound vicious AND their lyrical content is wicked. The lyrics are clever and fresh such as in the song "Monsanto's Daughter" where the daughter is a metaphor for Monsanto's seed. There are strong political messages reminding us of the need to be militant against the christian right and other institutionalized perversities. To me, this is what punk rock is about. FULL REVIEW ON OUR FB PAGE.”
— Kat Merkin, TOXIC SHOCK "Anthropocene" Review

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