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Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
March 25, 2014 08:55PM
Below is the update for this week! All new arrivals!

We finally received distro copies of the latest Inquisition release. We were also able to snag some of Death Waltz's The Fog soundtracks that were recently repressed along with standard black copies of the Ulver / Sunn O split. And more!

Store Link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

New Arrivals:

John Carpenter's The Fog - OST LP (Gold vinyl, Death Waltz)

Inquisition - Obscure Verses LP (2nd press 2xLP on black)

Clutch - Blast Tyrant LP (Weathermaker Euro Repress)

Sunn O))) / Ulver Split LP (black vinyl, Southern Lord)))

Trust - TRST LP (Arts & Crafts International)
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
April 09, 2014 01:23PM
Below is the update for this week!

Thanks for looking!

Store Link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com] [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com] »

New Arrivals:

Entombed - Wolvering Blues 2x10" (Earache reissue! On Red with black mix)

Ildjarn - Forest Poetry 2xLP (Hand numbered reissue by Season of Mist!)

Ildjarn - Ildjarn 2xLP (Hand numbered reissue by Season of Mist!)

Ildjarn - Strength and Anger 2xLP (Hand numbered reissue by Season of Mist!)

Maudlin of the Well - My Fruit Psychobells…A Seed Combustible 2xLP

Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways 2xLP (K-scope reissue!)

Procupine Tree - Recordings 2xLP (K-scope reissue!)


Bolt Thrower - War Master 2xLP (Comes with poster, on white with red streaks vinyl)

Gorguts - Colored Sands 2xLP (First press copy on black!)

Used items added:

Avon Ladies – "Guns & Gold" 7"
Brain Tumors - "st" 7"
The Leather Nun - "Force of Habit" LP
The Leather Nun - "Lust Games" LP
Lockstep - "st" 7"
Fischer - "st" 7"
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
April 29, 2014 01:02PM
Below is the update for this week!

A few new arrivals and a bunch of new additions to the Used Items section!

Store Link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

New Arrivals:

Death - "Leprosy" LP (Relapse reissue on black vinyl)

Poison Idea - "Getting The Fear" 7" (RSD exclusive)

Slayer - "Reign In Blood" LP (American Records repress)

Trust - "Joyland" 2xLP


Trust - "TRST" LP

Recently added Used Items:

( ) - "False Xmas" LP
Abigail - "Sweet Baby Metal Slut" LP
Abigail - "Ultimate Unholy Death" LP
Abigail / Syphilitic Vaginas - Split LP
American Snakeskin - "Turquoise For Hello" LP
Atentado - "Antagonist" LP
Baby Shakes - "Tell Me Now" 10"
Blowback - "Living Vibration" LP
Blue Cross - "st" LP
Brain Handle - "st" LP
Broken Water - "Seaside And Sedmikrásky" LP
Broken Water - "Tempest" LP
Chainsaw - "We Are Not Very Nice" LP
Chronic Seizure - "Ancient Wound" LP
Clown - "Livestock World" LP
Column Of Heaven - "Mission From God" LP
Contrast Attitude - "Apocalyptic Raw Assault" LP
Contrast Attitude / Acrostix - Split LP
Crash Box - "Nel Cuore" LP
Crosta - "Nus A La Gola" LP
Cut The Shit - "Harmed And Dangerous" LP
David Vassalotti - "Book Of Ghosts" LP
Deathcharge - "Bad Dream Forever" LP
Deathcharge - "Love Was Born To An Early Death" LP
Dolorvotre - "st" LP
Effluxus - "Life Destruktion" LP
Gasmask Terrör - "Black Sun / Fake Gold" LP
Hit Me Back - "The Man With Many Faces" LP
Iceage - "You're Nothing" LP
Kuxan Suum - "Kuxan Suum" LP
Loser Life - "I Have Ghosts And I Have Ghosts" LP
Loser Life "Friends With A Demon" LP
Loser Life "My Hell" LP
Lotus Fucker - "Forever My Fighting Spirit" LP
Masacre - "Metal Medallo Attack" LP
Mauser - "Isolation" EP LP
Necro Hippies - "Have Fun" LP
Nerveskade - "Nerveskade" LP
Night Sins - "New Grave" LP
Origin Of M - "st" LP
Panzram - "Reform" 10"
Quattro Stagioni - "Quattro Stagioni" LP
Sacriphyx - "The Western Front" LP
Sacriphyx / Resuscitator - "Peninsula Of Graves / Black Mass Of Pazzuzu" Split LP
Sick/Tired - "King Of Dirt" LP
Sixx - "Sister Devil" 2xLP (Die Hard Version)
St. Dad - "St. Dad" LP
Swann Danger - "st" LP
Systematik - "Systematik" LP
Teargas - "The Way Of All Flesh" LP
Tenement - "Blind Wink" LP
Tenement - "Napalm Dream" LP
The Clash - "Give Em Enough Rope" LP
Uppercut - "Four Walls" LP
Varaus S.S. - 2003-2007 (R.I.P.) 10"
Voco Protesta - "Vojo Al Libereco" LP
Warning//Warning - "There's Nothing Left" LP
Weekend Nachos - "Two Things At Once" LP
White Medal - "Agbrigg Beast" LP
White Medal - "Alone As Owt" LP
White Medal - "Tread The Earth" LP
White Medal / Caïna - Split LP
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
May 22, 2014 01:16PM
Below is the update for the week! Act fast on those Death - Symbolic reissues, they have gone quickly in the past.

Store Link: waxdelidistro.storenvy.com [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com] » [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com] »

New Arrivals:

Beastmilk - "Climax" LP (Black vinyl, Svart pressing)

Death - "Symbolic" LP (Roadrunner/Combat reissue)

Life of Agony - "River Runs Red" LP (Black vinyl)

Sleep - "Dopesmoker" 2xLP (Latest press on black vinyl)


Vangelis - "Blade Runner" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP (Red vinyl)

Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
June 18, 2014 08:22AM
Nice size update happening next week which consists of some used rare and not so rare cassettes, LPs and 7"s, about 50-60 titles. These will be posted with the new Andy Stott album and a restock of the Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes III & IV LPs.

Down to my last copy of the following titles!

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - "Astrorgasm From The Inner Space" LP
Altar Of Flies - "Rabbit Hole" LP
Butthole Surfers - "Brown Reason To Live" LP
Crazy Spirit - "I'm Dead" 7"
Darkthrone - "Hate Them" LP
Death In June - "The Snow Bunker Tapes" 10"
Deep Wound - "st" 7"
E.A.T.E.R. - "Doomsday Troops" 7"
External Menace - "Early Demos" EP 1979-1984 7"
Framtid - "Defeat of Civilization" LP
Goblin - "2013 Tour EP" LP
Ildjarn - "Forest Poetry" 2xLP
Ildjarn - "Ildjarn" 2xLP
Ildjarn - "Strength and Anger" 2xLP
Integrity - "Systems Overload" LP
La Misma - "st" 7"
Maltross / Rvins - Split CS
Man Is The Bastard - "Thoughtless"
Mastodon - "Blood Mountain" LP
Maudlin of the Well - "My Fruit Psychobells?A Seed Combustible" 2xLP
Mum - "Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know" 2XLP
Narrows - "Painted" LP
Omegas - "Blasts of Lunacy" LP
Pinkish Black - "Razed To The Ground" LP
Porcupine Tree - "Recordings" 2xLP
Prurient - "Washed Against The Rocks" 7"
Queens of the Stone Age - "Like Clockwork" 2XLP
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement ?- "Folklore Venom" LP
Repos - "Live Munitions" LP
Sigur Rós - "Kveikur" 2XLP + 10"
The Abused - "Loud & Clear" LP
The Knife - "Shaking The Habitual" 3xLP
TR Kirstein & Jacob Kirkegaar - "Imperia? LP
Violet Poison - "Awakening Messiah" LP
Watain - "The Wild Hunt" 2xLP Box Set + 7" & CD
Work/Death - "Phone About to Ring" LP
Zombi - "Surface To Air" LP
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
June 23, 2014 02:25PM
Just posted over 60 barely used titles to the store! A bunch of rare LPs, 7"s and cassettes.

Store link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]


Altars - Live On Pure Hate LP
Arthur Russell - World Of Echo 2xLP
Ashrae Fax - Static Crash LP
Body, The I Shall Die Here LP (New sealed)
Castevet - Mounds Of Ash LP
Circle Of Ouroborus - Old Ghosts LP
Circle Of Ouroborus - Unituli: The Dream Fire LP
Dirtys, The - You Should Be Sinnin' LP
Einstuerzende Neubauten - Haus Der Luege LP
Human Quena Orchestra, The - A Natural History Of Failure LP
Lovesliescrushing - Shiny Tiny Stars LP
Mammal - Lonesome Drifter 2xLP
Mammal - Let Me Die LP
Masaki Batoh - Kikaokubeshi LP
Obliteration - Black Death Horizon LP
Pixies - Indie Cindy 2xLP
Prostitutes - Crushed Interior LP
Rain Drinkers - Yesodic Helices LP
Scorpion Violente - Uberschleiss LP
Sissy Spacek - Dash LP
Stygian Stride - Stygian Stride LP
Thomas Watkiss - Ancestor: Phase I - Silence 2xLP
Total Abuse - Total Abuse LP
Total Abuse - Mutt LP
Walls - Walls LP


Absum / Odz Manouk - Split 7"
Altars / Whip And The Body - Wood And Rope / Black Dahlia Pig 7"
Bestial Raids - Order Of Doom 7"
Blue Hummingbird On The Left - BloodFlower 7"
Crooked Cross - Crooked Cross 7"
Divorce Money - Names / Use Your Imagination 7"
Dry-Rot - Subordinate 7"
Japanese Char - st 7"
Leather - Wretch 7"
Men's Interest - More War 7"
OFF! - First Four EPs 4x7"
Ostots - Ahuntzen Altarie 7"
Pygmy Shrews - Lord Got Busted / Kill Yourself 7"
Seges Findere - Bound By Hatred 7"
Slavescene - Fuck Off Away From Me / Shit Gait 7"
Sutekh Hexen - Shadows 7"
Sutekh Hexen - Daemons 7"
Sutekh Hexen - Untitled 3x7"
Sutekh Hexen - Ordo Adversarial 7"
Wulkanaz - Wulkana 7"


Already Dead - I Want To Watch You Rot CS
Ames Sanglantes - Have You Come Here To Torment Us Before The Time? CS
Believer/Law - Contrition CS
Believer/Law - Foxhole Prayers/The Task At Hand CS
Drowning The Virgin Silence - Head Cleaner CS
Ilmestys - Demo I CS
Kosmonaut - Geist CS
Material - Sequence Residual Grid CS
Polyurethane - "live" CS
Sanctuary - Demo II CS
Sea Of Shit - Sea Of Shit CS
Somnivore / Circle Of Ouroborus - Golden Blood CS
Stillborn Fawn - Abature CS
Tollund Men - Demo I CS
Total Abuse - Last Show: 3/19/11 CS
Veld - Rites Of Solitude CS
Vocivus - S/T CS
Xothist - Xothist CS
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
July 08, 2014 03:12PM
The below new arrivals have been posted!

Store Link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

New Arrivals:

Ancestors - "In Death" EP 7"

Civilized - "Dust and Blood" EP 7"

Demdike Stare - "Voices Of Dust" LP

Demdike Stare - "Liberation Through Hearing" LP

Demdike Stare - "Forest Of Evil" LP

Failures - "Decline and Fall" LP

Larry Heard - "Alien" 2xLP
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
August 19, 2014 10:01AM
The below Dischord reissues are now in the distro! + Sick of it All's Call To Arms

Store link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

Fugazi - "The Argument" LP

Fugazi - "In On The Kill Taker" LP

Fugazi - "Red Medicine" LP

Fugazi - "Repeater" LP

Minor Threat - "Out of Step" LP

Sick of it All - "Call To Arms" LP
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
November 24, 2014 01:35PM
Below is the store update for this week. A bunch of Electric Wizard reissues imported from the UK including "We Live" and "Let Us Prey" which have not been repressed since 2007.

Also up are some excellent Ulver releases and the latest Dragged Into Sunlight.

Next week a giant list of rare tapes will be posted followed by a few more batches of used LPs and 7"s that will finish out the year for the distro.

Store Link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

New Arrivals:

Dragged Into Sunlight - "Widowmaker" LP (White vinyl, lmtd. to 219 copies)

Electric Wizard - "Dopethrone" 2xLP

Electric Wizard - "Come My Fanatics" 2xLP

Electric Wizard - "Let Us Prey" 2xLP (Gold vinyl)

Electric Wizard - "We Live" 2xLP (Green vinyl)

Ulver - "Svidd Neger" LP (Jester Reissue)

Ulver - "Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell" 2xLP (Jester)
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
December 08, 2014 12:37PM
The update for this week is a mixed batch of barely used metal, hardcore, punk, noise, and experimental LPs.

If you have any questions at all about the condition or pressing, let me know! Edition numbers, label pressings and color of vinyl (where applicable) info is detailed in the descriptions.

You can find them in the "Used" section which is linked below.

Store Link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

New Used Arrivals:

Acid King - "Busse Woods" LP
Aodl - "Hard Cobble Abdomen" LP
Bags, The - "All Bagged Up: The Collected Works 1977-1980" LP
Black Dahlia Murder, The - "Ritual" LP
Black Leather Jesus / Homopolice, The - Split LP
Dag Nasty - "Can I Say" LP
Dean Blunt - "Black Metal" 2xLP
Drags, The - "Dragsploitation...Now!" 10"
Exploited, The - "Archive4" LP
Exploited, The - "Dead" LP
Exploited, The - "Live At The Whitehouse" LP
Funerary Call - "Damnation's Journey" LP
Gorilla Angreb - "Bedre Tider" LP
Hands - "The Soul Is Quick" LP (Red Vinyl)
Hank Wood And The Hammerheads - "Stay Home!!" LP
Have Heart - "The Things We Carry" LP (Red vinyl)
Havohej - "Dethrone The Son Of God" LP
Herds - "Herds" LP
His Hero Is Gone - "Fifteen Counts Of Arson" LP
His Hero Is Gone - "Monuments To Thieves" LP
His Hero Is Gone - "The Plot Sickens: Enslavement Redefined" LP
Ildjarn-Nidhogg - "Hardangervidda Part 2" LP (White Vinyl)
Jitters,The - "The Jitters" LP
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The - "Crypt-Style!" LP
Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch - "The Mystery Of Heaven" LP
Long Knife - "Wilderness" LP
Lovely Little Girls - "Cleaning The Filth From A Delicate Frame" LP
Lover! - "Lover!" LP (Green/Red splatter vinyl)
Metallica - "Master Of Puppets" LP
Metallica - "Ride The Lightning" LP
Modern Life Is War - "Witness" LP (Blue marble vinyl)
Modern Life Is War - My Love. My Way." LP (1st Press / Rootbeer colored vinyl)
Morbid Insulter - "Thundering Evil" LP
Nachtmystium - Addicts - "Black Meddle Pt. II" LP
NASA Space Universe - "The Stars My Destination" LP
NASA Space Universe - "The Two Stigmata Of NSU" LP
Plugz, The - "Electrify Me" LP
R.A.M.B.O. - "Bring It!" LP
Ramones - "Brain Drain" LP
Ramones - "Rocket To Russia" LP
Ramones - "Too Tough To Die" LP
RazorXFade - "RazorXFade" LP
Regulations - "Electric Guitar" LP
Resurrectionists - "Resurrectionists" LP
Saints, The - "(I'm) Stranded" LP
Sham 69 - "Angels With Dirty Faces, The Best Of Sham 69" LP
Stitches, The - 8x12" LP (Blue vinyl)
Sump - "Demo III" LP
Taylor Bow - "Thin Air" LP
That Petrol Emotion - "Manic Pop Thrill" LP
Trouble - "Trouble" LP (Def Jam America 1990)
White Fence - "For The Recently Found Innocent" LP
Young Widows - "In And Out Of Youth And Lightness" LP
Zeros, The - Don't Push Me Around (Rare & Unreleased Classic From '77) LP
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
January 05, 2015 12:03PM
New year, new thread! Startin' it off with some Bolt Thrower and Bloodbath reissues! I was also able to get a few more copies of the Ulver Box Set! Act quick on the box set, they will not last long!

Some copies of Bolt Thrower's "Mercenary" LP from the most recent Metal Blade repress will also be stocked in a couple of weeks.

Store: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com] [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com] »

New Arrivals:

Bloodbath - "Breeding Death" (Silver Vinyl) LP

Bloodbath - "Nightmares Made Flesh" (Red Vinyl) LP

Bloodbath - "Resurrection Through Carnage" (Blue Vinyl) LP

Bolt Thrower - "Those Once Loyal" LP (Metal Blade / Black vinyl)

Bolt Thrower - "Who Dares Wins" LP (Earache collection of the Cenotaph, Live In Tokyo and Spearhead EPs)

Ulver - "Trolsk Sortmetall 1993–1997" (Box Set - Black Vinyl)
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
January 12, 2015 01:25PM
Mixed batch for this week's update! New Melvins full length, Run The Jewels (Which is now out of print), and the latest Eyehategod are just a few of the new arrivals.

Store: waxdelidistro.storenvy.com

New Arrivals:

Eyehategod - "Eyehategod" LP (Housecore Records on black vinyl)

Eyehategod - "Preaching The End-Time Message" LP (Emetic)

Give Up The Ghost - "Background Music" LP (Deathwish Inc., black vinyl)

Give Up The Ghost - "Year One" LP (Bridge9 black vinyl)

Melvins - "Hold It In" LP (Latest full length on Ipecac)

Run The Jewels - "Run The Jewels" LP (Black vinyl from Fool's Gold records)

Trust - "TRST" 2xLP
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
January 20, 2015 03:06PM
Here's that used lot of hardcore, punk, metal and rock that was mentioned a few weeks ago. Plenty of awesome rare and not so rare rippers! Pressing details and condition notes are detailed in the item descriptions. Any questions, just ask!

Used Items Link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

Storefront Link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

Recently Added Used LPs

AI - "The Sounds of Hearts" LP (White vinyl)
Bloody Hammers - "Bloody Hammer" LP (First Press)
Botch - "We Are The Romans" 2xLP (Original Pressing)
Channel 3 - "I've Got A Gun" LP
Chorus of Disapproval - "Truth Gives Wings To Strength" LP
Converge - "No Heroes" LP (Brown/White vinyl)
Corrupted - "Paso Inferior" LP
Dawn - "Slaughtersun" 2xLP (Century Media Reissue)
Dead Kennedys - "In God We Trust" LP (Alternative Tentacles pressing)
Disgrace - "Grey Misery" LP
Doomriders - "Black Thunder" LP
Electric Funeral - "D Beat Noise Attack" LP
Failures - "Decline and Fall" LP (White vinyl)
Failures - "Failures" LP (Clear vinyl)
Firmeza 10 - "Hardcore Radikal" LP
Fucked Up - "Let Likes Be Cured By Likes" LP (Clear vinyl)
G.B.H. - "Leather, Bristles, No Survivors and Sick Boys" LP
Graveyard - "Graveyard" LP (Tee Pee Records press)
Grief - "Come To Grief" 2xLP (Numbered #104/222)
Harvey Milk - "Harvey Milk" 2xLP (Tour Version)
Harvey Milk - "My Love Is Higher" 2xLP (Blue vinyl)
Harvey Milk - "The Pleaser" 2xLP (Splatter vinyl)
Have Heart - "Songs To Scream At The Sun" LP (solid blue vinyl / 1st press)
Hooded Menace - "Effigies of Evil" 2xLP
Hooded Menace / Ilsa - Split LP
Iceberg - "Arc-en-ciel" LP
In My Eyes - "The Difference Between" LP (Orange vinyl)
Indigesti - "Osservati Dallinganno" LP
Infest - "Slave" LP (Green vinyl)
Insect Warfare - "Insect Warfare" LP
Iron Lung / Walls / Pig Heart Transplant - Collaboration LP
Isis - "Panopticon" 2xLP (First press)
Isis - "The Mosquito Control" LP (Red vinyl)
Jesus Lizard, The - Goat LP (Original Touch & Go pressing)
Life - "Violence, Peace And Peace Research" LP
Satan's Satyrs - "Die Screaming" LP (Green vinyl)
Sunn O))) & Boris - "Altar" 3xLP (Opaque green vinyl)
Tercer Mundo - "Ser Nosotros Mismos" LP
Unwound - "Unwound" LP

Recently Added Used 7"s

86 Mentality - "On The Loose" 7"
Auschwitz - "Auschwitz" 7"
Bacteria - "Fucking Chaos" 7"
Briefs - "Stuck On You" 7"
Chaos UK - "Headfuck" 7"
Chopping Block - "Grizzly Fetish" 7"
Copout / Face Down - Split 7" EP
Corrupted - "Anciano" 7"
Corrupted - "La Victima Es Tu Mismo" 7"
D-Clone - "Drop A Noise Bomb" 7" (White vinyl)
Death Evocation - "Death Evocation" 7"
Despair - "As We Bleed" 7"
Doraid / Digraphia - Split 7"
Electric Funeral - "Harvester of Death" 7"
Electric Funeral - "Make Noise Not War" 7"
Electric Funeral / Go Filth Go - Split 7"
Ensign - "Fall From Grace" 7" (White vinyl)
Epileptic Terror Attack - "The Racket" 7"
Expose - "Expose" 7"
Extortion - Demo 7"
Extreme Noise Terror - "Are You That Desperate" 7"
Floor - "Goddard" 7" ('Coke Bottle' Clear vinyl)
Framtid / Seein" Red - Split 7"
Frigora / Diskonto - Split 7"
Gentleman Jesse - "I Don"t Wanna Know" 7"
Giftgas Attack / Dislickers - Split 7"
Gonkulator / Undinism - Split 7"
Harvey Milk / Wildildlife - Split 7" (White vinyl)
His Electro Blue Voice - "Animal Verses" 7" (Orange vinyl)
Hugh Beaumont Experience - Hugh Beaumont Experience 7" (Purple mix vinyl)
In My Eyes - Demo 7" (Blue vinyl)
Jarjestyshairio - Jarjestyshairio 7"
Killing Joke - "Empire Song" 7"
La Misma - La Misma 7"
Lebenden Toten - "Contamination" 7"
M.A.P. (Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija) - "Kaasua" 7"
Massgrave - "Your Freaks Now Too 7"
Nashi - "No Call A Name" 7"
Satan"s Satyrs - "Black Souls" 7" (Orange vinyl)
Sexdrome - "On What Draw" 7"
Unicef - "Kakimassaa" 7"
Wax Museums - "Introducing" 7"
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
February 20, 2015 12:15PM
Small update for this week, a few awesome reissues.

Store link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

Amon Amarth - "Deceiver of the Gods" LP

Bathory - "The Vinyl Box - In Memory Of Quorthon" 6xLP Box Set

Entombed - "Uprising" 2xLP (Threeman Reissue on red wax)

Entombed - "DCLXVI-To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth" 2xLP (Threeman Reissue on red wax)
Re: WAX DELI DISTRO is now open!
March 16, 2015 03:18PM
A small update for new arrivals this week along with a handful of used releases.

Store Link: [waxdelidistro.storenvy.com]

New Arrivals:

AFI - "All Hallow's" EP 10" (Orange vinyl)

Cat Power - "Sun" 2xLP

Entombed - "Clandestine" LP (Orange/Black Vinyl)

Iron Maiden - "Powerslave" LP

Iron Maiden - "Piece Of Mind" LP

Iron Maiden - "The Number Of The Beast" LP

Ceremony - "Scared People" 7" EP (Clear vinyl)

Sigur Rós - "Ágætis Byrjun" 2xLP + CD

Recently Added Used Items:

Cosmic Church - "Absoluutin Lävistämä" LP
Enemy Soil - "Live At Fiesta Grande #5" 7" Flexi
Graf Orlock - "Destination Time Today" LP (White vinyl)
Graf Orlock - "Doombox" 10", EP + CD
Graf Orlock / Greyskull - Split LP (Clear vinyl)
Kungfu Rick - "Coming To An End" LP
Kungfu Rick - "Grinding To A Halt. Live At The Fireside Bowl." LP
KungFu Rick - "Motivation To Abuse" LP
Pagan Altar - "Lords Of Hypocrisy" 2xLP
Pantera - "Far Beyond Driven" LP (1994 Press / Banned cover)
Panzram / Shoppers - Split 7" EP
Pig Destroyer - "Explosions In Ward 6" LP (TEST PRESS)
Slayer - "Divine Intervention" LP (American Records 1994 Euro Press)
Slayer - "Hell Awaits" LP (Picture Disc)
Stormcrow / Coffins - Split LP
The Black - "Refugium Peccatorum" LP (Original 1984 press on Black Widow #'ed 452/668)
The_Network - "Bishop Kent Manning" LP (Tour press)
the_Network - "the_Network." 7" EP
Weekend Nachos - "Worthless" LP
Weekend Nachos / Lack Of Interest - Split 7" EP
White Medal / Skullflower - Split 7" EP
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