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New Miseries - I, Imperfect OUT NOW
June 23, 2012 08:22PM
Hey guys my name is Kehan and I am here to share our newest release from INSRGNT-Arts. We are very proud to be working with such a talented band and it has completely blown us all away. Stereokiller.com put up a great review about the album.

"I, Imperfect" is the newest release from Stroudsburg, PA's bastard sons NEW MISERIES. Angry, dark hardcore for the intelligent musical palette. Hate mosh everything.

"This EP carries a sonic weight that few bands are able to capture.... the enveloping theme of this collection of songs is a sense of hopelessness. This trait is covered in a grim and vicious delivery that really sets New Miseries apart from most of the others that attempt this style. I truly believe the desperation in both his voice and in the musicianship. It is in this brutal honesty that I find this release to be the most refreshing. As previously mentioned, the bands previous work was very well done... but after seeing their performance I knew that the best was yet to come."
-Stereokiller.com (4/5 stars)

So if you are not busy take some time to sit down and listen to this perfection of hardcore. We have numbered CDs out of 100 and digital downloads available here and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Interskramz Records

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