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Take It Back Records (Foreseen,Deadverse,Animal Instinct,...)
May 19, 2012 09:12PM
TAKE IT BACK is a tiny D.I.Y. label dedicated to hardcore/punk. It was named after GRAY MATTER's 12"
of the same title on DISCHORD RECORDS. Even our logo is inspired by GRAY MATTER. This might
give you an idea where we are coming from.

TAKE IT BACK is going to release next the EL CAMINO CAR CRASH Demo Tape (ffo The Hop Conspiracy, Unbroken, 90ies) and the FORESEEN LP (ffo Merauder, Cro Mags, Metallica). The latest release was the ANIMAL INSTINCT “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” LP (If you like Killing Time's Brightside) in May 2012.

TAKE IT BACK supports an anti-racist, anti-fascist, religion-free, gay-positive, pro-choice, drug-free, and animal-friendly attitude.

We already released records for bands like:
Deadverse (ffo Wipers, Jawbreaker, Union Town, Rain, Gray Matter, Rites of Spring)
State Of Mind (ffo Maximum Penalty, Supertouch, Helmet, Leeway)
Unveil (ffo Unbroken, Trail, Undertow)
Beggars & Gentry (ffo The Suicide File, Fucked Up, Turbonegro)
and a couple more.

You can hear all of them here: [takeitback.bandcamp.com]

And if you are interested in what we are doing you can find more information in those pages:




Take It Back Records
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