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[zine] JUST SAY YO! #5 out now (Birds in Row, Raindance, Silent Majority...)
May 15, 2012 05:45PM
Finally, the new issue is out.

68 pages, Full Sized in English, featuring:

REARRANGED interview (Russia | React! Records)
UNVEIL interview (Switzerland | Catalyst Records/Cobra Records)
RAINDANCE interview (USA | Glory Kid Ltd.)
BIRDS IN ROW interview (France | Deathwish Records)
REMISSION U.S Tour Report (Chile | Amendment/React! Records)
MITCH CLEM interview (USA | Punk Comic-strip artist)
SILENT MAJORITY retrospective (USA | 1991-2000)
MIKE HARTSFIELD vs MIKE KIRSCH double discographies article
WORMS IN THE BIG APPLE mixtape (wrap up on the current NY punk scene)
+ Columns, Record & Zine reviews, etc.

I also printed 50 copies of issue #3 which was sold out.
You can pick up both of them, along with issue #4 here:


Distros, bands, labels, get in touch if you can help with distribution:

Website: [justsayyo.wordpress.com]
facebook: [www.facebook.com]
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