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Grace 7" box set /Harrowed demo on H13
May 12, 2012 05:24AM
Having earned their chops in bands like Thirty seconds Until Armageddon & Jinn, Grace are no strangers to kicking up an unholy din.
Taking their cues from the likes of Deadguy and Coalesce, Grace plow a similar bloody, sonic furrow. If these three songs are just a taster of the type of violence this band is capable of, then I truly fear for the future.

Available on sky blue (200) or black (300) wax. Stencilled B-Side and packaged in quality heavy card stock and comes with stickers/patches and a 9 song download voucher.
There's also a box set available in a nice screened box with a shirt designed by Steve Byrne. [hemlockthirteen.bigcartel.com]

Harrowed demo :This tape serves as a limited taster of their forthcoming album due later this year. What do you get? Raw and explosive metallic hardcore punk that boils with the same seething vitriol that fuels Nails, Rise & Fall and Trap Them.

The tape comes with cool screen printed covers and hand stamped/ numbered insert, badges, and is limited to 160 copies ever. [hemlockthirteen.bigcartel.com]

Listen to a taste here: [harrowed.bandcamp.com]

If anyone on here is waiting for an outstanding order, apologies, had a lot on lately but we're getting there.
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