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Root of Evil Collective: Distro/Label and Masakari/Grin and Bear It 5"
April 23, 2012 12:10AM
Hey everyone we started this collective awhile back to help book shows in Ohio and Pennsylvania and it is going great so far. We have recently added Columbus as well so now we book in Cleveland/Pittsburgh/Columbus as well as offer routing suggestions to other cities. Our goal is mimic the model of European bookers where we will make sure bands get fed, paid and have a place to sleep. We can't take on too many shows but the ones we do we try to do well and so far have been successful.

We have recently just started a label/distro from the collective: our first record will be the Grin and Bear It/Masakari 5" record Pre Orders Up Now At [www.haloofliesrecords.com]

Check out the site, FREE SHIPPING (Shipping Money will be refunded until I figure out how to add free shipping for US only) on all orders over 20 dollars while we are new so act fast, we have some really great stuff up and I think our prices are fair, help us grow, spread the word, book through us, support and share.

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Re: Root of Evil Collective: Distro/Label and Masakari/Grin and Bear It 5"
April 27, 2012 01:39PM
BUMP. BUY SOME RECORDS! Help us get more and keep putting shit out!

[www.rootofevilcolle] ctive.com/zencart/index.ph p

next person to spend more than 20 will receive 2 free 7"s or one free LP (we choose but it won't be total shit it'll be based on the other stuff you bought) and if you are in the states of course free shipping! (it'll be refunded!
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