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Born Annoying (Ex Get Real/Ensign) and Anguish (UK) demos out now...
March 18, 2012 04:16PM
Born Annoying.
Shore Style Straight Edge. Former members of Get Real and Ensign just doing the damn thing. Legit hardcore that reminds me in equal measure of Cro-Mags, B’last and Floorpunch. For fans of stage dives, thrashing, moshing and fucking about with your mates. Experience the ultimate.

This is a run of 200 hand stamped and numbered tapes, with the first 73 on blue cassettes.

Hessian hardcore metal from the grim city of Leeds. Anguish deal in skullfucking riffs and harsh mocking vocals, that have earned them comparisons with the likes of Iron Age and War Hungry. Epic build-ups that pile drive into massive breakdowns. This is no contrived moshcore/knucklehead bullshit, Anguish operate on a primal level that stirs the beast within. Obey your instincts and bang your fucking head.

This is a run of 150 green tapes. All hand stamped and numbered and comes with a patch featuring the cover artwork.

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