Four Walls Falling
Hometown: Richmond, VA USA

Taylor Steele: Vocals
Bo Steele: Guitar
Brett Winletter: Guitar
Miky Scheer: Bass
Kyle Walker: Drums

Four Walls Falling rose from the ash of political hardcore band Pledge Allegiance from Richmond, Virginia. The mid-eighties saw a host of talented and influencial punk/hardcore and indy bands on the Richmond scene, including legends like Honor Roll, Graven Image, White Cross and others. With the break up of Pledge Allegiance in 1987, brothers, Bo and Taylor Steele, founded a brand new power house of the new hardcore trends from the New York Straight Edge scene blended seamlessly with the off-time melodic flavoring of West coast bands such as B'last! and still fresh stylings of Metallica and Slayer.

Scenes are often dated. Passion and skill, however, dodge the expiration date, explaining the staying power of Four Walls Falling. While most prominent in the early to mid-'90s, Four Walls Falling helped define-and continues to inform-a cathartic, inventive and personal style of hardcore still incapable of being watered down with tags like the "E" word. Drawing from the same zeitgeist as groups such as Endpoint and Turning Point, Four Walls chugged without machismo, and vented without moping.

Four Walls Falling released records on the Axtion Packed, Jade Tree, and Day After labels. After eight years of existence, the band broke up in 1994.

Malfunction Records pressed 150 copies of their "Food For Worms" album on vinyl (with alternate artwork) for reunion shows in 2000.