XO Skeletons
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA / Waterbury, CT USA

The Profiler: Rager
Chauncey: Rager
Palermo: Rager
Cage: Rager
Chrome Jesus: Rager

XO Skeletons are a dynamic electronic rager founded by The Profiler, Chauncey, Palermo, Cage, and Chrome Jesus. Powered by sleepless nights, smoke machines, and drum machines, their aural riot is beyond traditional musical classification. Sounding like an apocalyptic party machine hellbent on bobbing not weaving, twisting not turning. Ultimately existing and thriving like no other music out there does today.

XO Skeletons released "Asthmagasm" 7"EP on Malfunction in late 2006. The release was a four song collection of early demo recordings from the band.

Photo: Scott Mallin
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