Trash Talk
Hometown: Sacramento CA, USA

Trash Talk are the next great hope, poised to become the next chapter in essential fast punk/hardcore.

They smashed into the scene with a seven song demo cassette, released on the Sell Our Souls label from Spain in 2005. In 2006, the band released their debut 7"EP on the same label, as well as a split 7"EP with Steel Trap on the Spiderghost Pressgang label.

In early 2007, Trash Talk blew minds with the release of their "Walking Disease" 7"EP/CDEP on the Rumble and Six Feet Under labels. "Walking Disease" showcased the band at their most musically frantic and lyrically dark to date. Taking their hi-speed intensity to awe inducing levels and conjuring the ghosts of Negative Approach, The Suicide File, early Agnostic Front, and more.

Trash Talk released their 7"EP, "Plagues" on Malfunction in early 2008. A CD version featuring their classic "Walking Disease" EP and "Plagues" EP titled "Plagues...Walking Disease" was released a short time later. The band now releases these recordings and future recordings under their Trash Talk Collective label, we wish them the best.

Photos: Robby Redcheeks