Hometown: Boston, MA USA

Meltdown are a vicious metallic monster. Where many hardcore bands shun metal influence, Meltdown embrace it. Having as much in common sonically with early Slayer and Motorhead as they do Integrity or Merauder.

In 2006, after making waves with east coast shows, Meltdown shook the hardcore world with their "demo" 7"EP/CDEP release on the Rock Vegas and Trash Art! labels. A release that showcased their early strength and promise. In early 2007, they released their "Demolition" 7"EP/CDEP on Malfunction/Closed Casket Activities. "Demolition" put them on the map as one of the best metal/hardcore amalgamations in the scene today.

Meltdown's newest effort, a three song 7"EP aptly titled "Meltdown", is the bands finest hour to date. Affirming their place among the upper echelon of hardcore's best new bands.

Recorded by Jay Maas @ The Getaway Group (Shipwreck a.d.), "Meltdown" showcases their continuously evolving precision/power. Their trademark machine gun guitar riffs, unrelenting double bass, and bone shaking breakdowns are more infectious than they've ever been. While their poignant lyrics and vocal rage continue to ring louder and clearer than ever. Sonic qualities that are all complimented by stark cover artwork by Aaron Horkey (The Hope Conspiracy, Isis, etc).
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Meltdown "Self Titled" 7"EP, Digital
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