Hometown: Cleveland, OH USA

Human Furnace: Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics, Samples
Aaron Dallison: Bass, Vocals

Holyghost are the brainchild of legendary Ringworm vocalist, Human Furnace. Where Ringworm embodies his ever evolving hardcore personality, Holyghost serves as his more eclectic and far reaching artistic persona.

Holyghost "Self Titled" CD was released on Deathwish in 2006.

Born from basement tapes and sleepless nights, this collection is an eerily cold and jagged musical vision. A musical war between apocalyptic punk (Nausea, Amebix, etc) and cloven hoof heavy metal (early Crowbar, Celtic Frost, etc). All layered with Human Furnace's trademark vocal attack. This first ever official release for Holyghost boasts a stellar new mastering job as well as breathtaking artwork/packaging from J. Bannon (Converge). Serving not only as a fitting treatment to an underground classic, but also as the first flight of this reborn musical demon.

Holyghost are currently writing their new album, to be released on Deathwish sometime in the future.
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"Rise To Fall" from "Holyghost"
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