The Promise
Hometown: Syracuse, NY / Philadelphia, PA USA

Anderson Bradshaw: Vocals
Mike Scoville: Guitar
Jim "The Legend" Winters: Guitar
Derrick VanWie: Drums
Jonathan Buske: Bass

The Promise were a powerful straight edge hardcore band from Syracuse and Philadelphia.

Where metal and pop punk decayed the sound and disrespected the hallowed traditions of straight edge hardcore, The Promise meant business. Culled from some of the most classic and respected straight edge bands of the 1990's (Another Victim, One King Down, Conviction), The Promise began in 2001 under the moniker of True Love, a project intending to bring five old friends together to show the world that time had yet to wear them down.

Their determination paid off as word spread quickly of the juggernaut-to-be being birthed in the basements and streets of upstate New York. The band partnered with Deathwish to release their debut 7"EP/CD "My True Love" in 2002.

With the release of the "My True Love" CD/7"EP, The Promise proved they would not be stopped in their ongoing crusade to raise a middle finger to complacency and apathy in hardcore. They also took to the road, playing select U.S. shows in support of the release.

In 2004, The Promise partnered with Indecision Records to release their "Believer" CD. The vinyl version was released on Deathwish and sold out quickly. After touring in support of "Believer", the band decided to officially call it a day in 2005.

Members of The Promise are involved in both Terror and Unholy.

Photos: Dave Mandel
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"Crush All Fakes" from "My True Love"
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