The Power & The Glory
Hometown: Atlanta, GA USA

Kenn TwoFour: Guitar
Brian Lunsford: Drums
Ezra Morris: Vocals

The Power & The Glory were born from the ashes of Atlanta's Downpour.

The Power & The Glory walk the fine line between the worlds of crust punk, contemporary metal, and hardcore. Creating a post everything musical bombardment as compelling as it is difficult to classify by traditional means.

The Power & The Glory "Call Me Armageddon" CD/LP was released on Deathwish in early 2004.

"Call Me Armageddon", was an awe inducing musical juggernaut, recorded, engineered, and produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge). From song to song the album raged forth as a soundtrack to worldly and emotional catastrophe. Building to an epic finale that evoked the apocalyptic spirit of their contemporaries Neurosis and Converge, while maintaining their own sense of character.

Since the release of "Call Me Armageddon" in 2004, The Power & The Glory have played select live shows, but for the most part remains dormant.
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"High Winds..." from "Call Me Armageddon"
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