Some Girls
Hometown: San Diego, CA / Philadelphia, PA USA

Justin Pearson: Bass
Wes Eisold: Vocals
Rob Moran: Guitar
Chuck Rowell: Guitar
Sal Gallegos: Drums

From Led Zeppelin's great coke-stuffed, sex blooze to Velvet Revolver's corporate money-suck, supergroups are a gamble. Sure, band X is great and so is band Y but put band X?'s singer and bassist together with band Y's drummer and, way too often, you get a mess, killer in concept, a slop of toxic anti-cohesion and unrealized ideas in execution.

Some Girls is made up of a ton of members of other celebrated bands. But whatever image that gives you, whatever you dream up from the various matings and crossbreeding, is probably way off. Or maybe it's dead on. Whatever it is, the guys in the band don't care. They started Some Girls as a side-project, music for the sake of making hard noise, they record songs when they want, play shows if they're in the mood.

Some Girls released two 7"EPs on Deathwish: "The Rains" and "The Blues". These two 7"EPs were released to critical acclaim from music press worldwide.

In 2004, Some Girls released "All My Friends Are Going Death", a CD collection on Deathwish. This release contained all of their demo recordings, rare tracks, and the songs from theor two previous 7"EPs.

Later in 2005 Some Girls released "The DNA Will Have It's Say" 7"EP/CD on Three One G. Soon after, the band signed with Epitaph and released their first proper album "Heavens Pregnant Teens" in 2006.

Some Girls continue to write and release music.

Photo: Robin Laananen
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"Gonna Set..." from "All My Friends Are Going Death"
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