Sex Positions
Hometown: New Bedford, MA / NYC, NY USA

Rich Perusi: Vocals
Mark DeGuilio: Bass
Sean Owen: Guitar
John Blanchard: Guitar
David Kocses: Drums

Sex Positions were born out of the untimely demise of Boston hardcore stalwarts, The Dedication.

Sex Positions are like no other artists out there. Driven by their dire need for musical experimentation, they harbor just as many new wave and classic punk influences as they do traditional hardcore. Breaking new ground within punk and hardcore scene while nipping at the heels at even the most evolved independent bands out there today.

Sex Positions "Self Titled" CD was released on Deathwish in 2003.

This "Self Titled" CD was produced and engineered by Kurt Ballou @ Godcity Studios (Converge). The album is made up of 11 magnificent songs that are as sonically infectious as they are stunningly unique. Incorporating hardcore, punk, rock, and electronic influences into a new kind of animal.

Version 02:
After the release of their debut, Sex Positions went through a drastic lineup change, losing every original member except founding member Eric Marcelino. He soon revamped the band with a new lineup, and played shows up and down the east coast in support of the album. In early 2005, Sex Positions headed out on their first European tour as a four piece, without Eric. The band made the best of the situation, playing successful shows with Converge and others, ironically enough, without him. Soon after and with little fanfare, version 2.0 drifted away into hiatus.

Version 3:
After talking on and off about possibly playing again since the band ended original members Rich, John, and Mark along with friends Sean Owen and Dave Kocses have finally began playing and working as "Sex Positions". After a few shows, this version of the band also folded.
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"Commit It" from "Sex Positions"
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