I Hate You
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA USA

In the late 90's I Hate You set the standard for intensity, rage, and sarcasm in the hardcore scene unlike any before them. A quality which quickly attained the band a black eye of approval in the fledging straight edge hardcore community worldwide. Their mix of classic hardcore and sarcastically violent lyrics, earned them not only the love of many, but also the hatred of the overly politically correct types of the day.

After releasing a number of EP releases, I Hate You called it a day in 1999.

Posthumously, I Hate You released a collection of recordings on Deathwish in early 2002.

Members of I Hate You went on to play in a variety of bands including: Me Without You, American Nightmare, Damage, Knives Out, Champion, and more.
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"Cram" from "Discography 1995 / 1998"
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