Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Tsukasa Harakawa: Vocals
Eiichiroe Suzuki: Guitar
Yasuo Satoh: Bass
Satoru Haito: Drums

Hellchild were Japan's premier aggressive metal/hardcore/grind hybrid with a career spanning over two decades. Highly unclassifiable and always inherently interesting, Hellchild showcased their intense musical energy, blinding heaviness, and ungodly vocal gymnastics.

In their career they released a slew of recordings including a split with Discordance Axis, a split album with Converge, as well as a variety of full length albums and EPs.

Hellchild disbanded in 2002 after an amazing 20 year run.
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"I" from "Deeper The Wound"
"Self Scorn" from "Bareskin"
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