Halfacre Gunroom
Hometown: Memphis, TN USA

Bryan Hartley: Vocals, Guitars
Chris Cary: Bass
Matt Gerke: Lead Guitars
Marcus Battle: Drums
Lee Griffith: Piano, Organ

Halfacre Gunroom formed in spring of 2002 with the idea to fuse the country songwriting of Byran Hartley with the driving punk-rock basslines of Christopher Cary. Together they shared a vision and the two musicians worked to make it happen.

Powerful, personal, and often pissed, Hartley's songs aren't just performed by the Gunroom, they are lived through and through. Ranging from bittersweet love songs on up to driving, sometimes almost punk, rock n' roll anthems. In a sea of trends and copycat "country" outfits, Halfacre Gunroom brings an air of originality and sincerity to both the stage and stereo.

Halfacre Gunroom released "Wrecked", their debut album on Deathwish.

"Wrecked" is an album carved from the pain and confusion that only love can bestow. The album was recorded at Easley-McCain with the help of engineer Doug Easley (White Stripes) who carefully guided the recording process to success. Highly personal, yet uniquely comforting it its honesty, passion and genuine humility. "Wrecked" proves that artistic beauty can come from real emotional anguish. The album is a true alt-country masterpiece.

Halfacre Gunroom are still an active band, playing shows throughout Tennessee.
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"The Day Is Done" from "Wrecked"
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