The Blinding Light
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD USA

The Blinding Light are a uniquely creative tech/metal/hardcore/doom hybrid fronted by awe inspiring vocalist, Brian Lovro (ex-Threadbare). Sonically infectious as they are violently intense, The Blinding Light burn brighter than their contemporaries, rushing forth with a break neck force rarely found within the metallic hardcore community.

The Blinding Light began when Brian Lovro moved back to the wastelands of South Dakota sometime after the demise of Threadbare. Uninspired by most aggressive music of the day, he chose to lay dormant from music. After a short creative slumber, he was approached by members of the area metal outfit, Caligari, to contribute his talents to a new project. After a few rehearsals, the direction of this monster took shape, and The Blinding Light was born.

In 2002, the band paired up with Deathwish to release their "Glass Bullet" CDEP. The release was well received by fans and press alike as a rare jewel of the Midwest metallic hardcore scene.

After playing area shows in support of their debut, The Blinding Light took refuge in their home studio to write and record their first proper album "The Ascension Attempt". Released in 2004, "The Ascension Attempt" hovered as an independent and triumphant crossover of metal and hardcore. Fusing a thrash metal viciousness (think Slayer, Ripping Corpse, Dark Angel, etc) with an unrelenting hardcore ferocity. In mid 2004, the band took to the road playing midwest leg of the Converge "You Fail Me" tour.

After working out some turbulence in their lineup over the last few years, the band is working on their follow up to "The Ascension Attempt", to be released on the Init Records label sometime in the future.

Members of the band have also remained active in bands Nodes Of Ranvier, and more.
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"Heads Up" from "Glass Bullet"
"Hydrant" from "The Ascension Attempt"
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