A Life Once Lost
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA USA

A Life Once Lost is the latest musical inferno to blaze from the crackling ember that blackens the dark underbelly of Philadelphia's extreme counterculture. There's something in the air, in the ground, in the water perhaps, within the Northeastern United States that continually gives birth to the most progressively pulverizing metallic hardcore behemoths the world has ever known, from the erratic, calculating mathematics of Dillinger Escape Plan, the psychotic poetry of Deadguy, the slow-burn hypnosis of Isis and the self-torturing artisans in Converge.

A Life Once Lost proudly holds that banner aloft, charging forward with the brutal angst of their peers, but themselves uniquely informed by a mesmerizing combination of the cornerstone groove of Sabbath, the staccato punch of Meshuggah and the punishing vocal sensibilities of lamented Midwestern sons Coalesce.

"We've always looked up to bands that are doing things that are unique and not carbon-copied, that push limits," proclaims vocalist Robert Meadows. "We want to be in that place with those bands, right up there with them. And we feel like we can do that"...

After a string of releases on Robotic Empire and Deathwish, A Life Once Lost released their stellar "Hunter" album on Ferret in 2005. In support of "Hunter" A Life Once Lost participated in America's largest touring metal festival, Ozzfest.

In 2006, Ferret in conjunction with Deathwish, reissued their classic album "A Great Artist", originally released in 2002. "A Great Artist" is still considered one of the best metallic hardcore albums ever released by fans and critics worldwide.

A Life Once Lost disbanded in 2013.
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"A Second Home" from "The Fourth Plague: Flies"
"Cavil" from "A Great Artist"
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